LA Cookie Convention & Sweets Show – 2019 Anaheim

LA Cookie Convention & Sweets Show is having its 5thAnniversary at the Anaheim Convention Center February 2 – 3, 2019. The convention hosts special guests, a variety of vendors selling cooking supplies, and last, but not least, baked goods! The baking world will recognize these 3-special guests: Rosanna Pansino, Adriano Zumbo, and Ron Ben-Israel. Rosanna Pansino is a YouTube star that hosts a show called “Nerdy Nummies” where she creates delicious creation with a nerdy twist! Super Mario Cake Pops?

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Podcast – Episode 81 – What Happened To The Suit

This week, the guys settle in the new year with some hot topics like Healthy Chipotle Menu, Shake Alert App, Bird Box Movie, Bandersnatch, The Masked Singer, Memories of Alhambra, Aquaman, Spiderman and catch your breath cause there is much much more!

Podcast – Episode 80 – New Me New Year 2019

This week the guys have special guests Argel Flores and Josias Arebalo joining from Deep Dive and Rabbit Holes and The Comic Syndicate. They all take a look back at 2018 and talk about their favorite things in pop culture and life. Plus a quick game of what Alan would like to call, Shallow Dives and Bunny Trails. In addition, the guys also discuss about what they look forward into 2019. The Comic Syndicate’s Top 9 2018 (Instagram)   The

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Podcast – Episode 78 – We Are Doing It Live

Sit down and and grab a drink cause Alan and Anton are doing it live! This week the guys cover topics like Doctor Strange 2, the future of the MCU, Disneyland and their Marvel attractions, New Spiderman Ride, Selena TV Series, Spider Man Into the Spider-verse, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Smash Bros, Avengers, Bumblebee and much much more!

Podcast – Episode 77 – And The Trailer Goes To…

After a long nice week, the guys talk about some of their latest interest in news. Anton talks about his latest encounter with Freakonomics radio episode about how Trader Joes should run the world. The guys gives their Golden Globe Nominee reactions as well as some of Video Game Awards as it was unfolding live. Plus, thoughts on Daredevil Cancel rumors and Cowboy Bebop live action series green lit. The guys also catch up on the latest trailers like Captain

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Podcast – Episode 76 – Mom What Did You Do?!

This episode, Alan and Anton show and tell about the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Haul. Plus they talk about their barber & salon experiences and go over some of the latest awesome topics. Thoughts on Pokemon’s Lets Go Pikachu, Red Dead Redemption, Daredevil, The Good Doctor Season 2, Wreck it Ralph.

Podcast – Episode 75 – See You Again In A Minute

This week, the guys finally return after a long small interruption to talk about the latest topics. Anton returns from Hong Kong and tell us all about his experience at a 3-Michelin Restaurant Bo Innovation to eat green eggs and ham, The guys also talk about Tesla, The Boring Company, The Haunting On Hillhouse, Gymkhana files, Overlord, Bohemian Rhapsody, Fantastic Beasts and our thoughts on Stan Lee(RIP). All that on this weeks episode.

Podcast – Episode 74 – World War II and Zombies

This week, the guys finally settle down from a long month of super busy things. Anton got married and discusses the aftermath. Plus large amounts of news and reviews on the latest things. Alan checks out LA Comic Con, Anton obsessive over Blizzcon and its news, thoughts on the drone killer, The Haunting on Hillhouse, box office movies, Mid 90’s, Overlord, Captain Marvel timeframe, and much much more!

Podcast – Episode 73 – Destination Quest

This week, the guys set for a quest to find the latest rad things to talk about. Such as Oculus Quest reactions, Venom movie talks, Saying goodbye to Captain America, Expressing our love for Overwatch Characters, Lady Gaga is a bigger star in Hollywood, Martin Lawrence is ready to be a bad boy again, and much much more!