Podcast – Episode 107 – After Comic Con

This week, the guys are finally back to tell us what they have seen and what they have experience at the epic Comic Con San Diego Convention. Plus some crazy news about Universals new park ‘Epic Universe’ and their review on Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw. Oh and The Lion King too! All that and more.

Summer Movie Challenge

The Summer Movie Challenge is a game designed around summer movies that are wide released. The movies are tracked for the first 30 days they are in theaters. The amount of domestic box office money the movie makes gets added to the player’s score. The player who has the most box office money at the end of the last movies 30 day limit, wins! The amount of points each movie is worth is based on the winning bid was during the

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Podcast – Special – Tom Bilyeu

This special edition of The2OC, Alan meets up with co-founder and host of Impact Theory. Impact Theory is collaborating with DJ Steve Aoki on a comic book series called “Neon Future.” In the interview, they discuss “Neon Future,” where technology is now, where humanity is going, and what should we expect in the meantime. They touch on the works of Ray Kurzweil, Michio Kaku, and Elon Musk. Don’t forget to follow: Tom Bilyeu – twitter @TomBilyeu Impact Theory – @Impact_Theory

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Podcast – Special – Terri Lubaroff

This special edition of The2OC, Alan went to WonderCon 2019 in Anaheim and got to chat with the C.O.O. of Legion M, Terri Lubaroff. She talked to Alan about Legion M and why it’s so different than anything we’ve seen before. They cover upcoming and newly released projects like: “Mandy” (starring Nicolas Cage) and “Colossal” (starring Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis.) Don’t forget to checkout their latest comic book project, “Girl With No Name.” Go to www.LegionM.com/GWNM for more information.

Summer Movie Draft – 2019

The Summer Movie Draft for 2019 is upon us.  Please keep in mind that some movies might switch release dates at any time between now and it’s currently scheduled release date. To help you prepare for the movie draft, please click the link below to view the movies that will be in the draft. The list will provide you: movie title, release date, director(s), studio(s), some of the actors/actresses, and a link to the IMDB page. Study hard! Movie List

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Podcast – Episode 90 – Deadliest Vegan

Alan and Anton updates us this week about the deadliest things about being vegan. Plus news about FBI interrogations with Full House Star, Hagrids new ride at Universal Orlando, Kobra Kai strikes back with Season 2 and Sword Art Online review. Later, Alan rants about CBS and tell us all of the latest movie news.

Podcast – Episode 89 – Godzilla Wrecked

This week the guys talk about Anton’s honeymoon trip to Japan, which includes everything from his hunt for the not so elusive kaiju known as “Godzilla” to Disney parks. Alan reveals what happened on his weekend trip to San Francisco. They also talk about more far out topics, like the reveal of Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge and Captain Marvel! And so much more!