Podcast – Episode 86 – Intermission Bowl – Alita Battle Angel Review No Spoilers

This week the guys dive into a long episode about how Anton got stranded in Dallas for a couple of hours and how Alan got his cookie on at Cookie-Con. Plus the guys talk about Avengers End Game rumors on how they will change the theatrical experience, thoughts on the Super Bowl and the commercials, Alan announces a big switch surprise and Anton gets an early view of Alita Battle Angel. All that and more on this long episode!

Podcast – Episode 6 – Past & Future

This week the guys cover the updates from E3, including XBOX ONE X and new videogame releases. Then Alan gives his review of Wonder Woman after finally seeing it (Don’t worry he keeps it short). The guys get techy as they talk about the future of security with Knightscope. And the guys also talk about controversy revolving Disney’s future Live Action movies as well as some of the poor decisions by other movies.