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Podcast – Episode 100

It is the 100th episode of The 2OC! The guys talks about some of their favorite recorded episodes and the latest hot topics like Star Wars VR goes Episode 1 for Vader, Pokemon helps you sleep and Death Stranding confuses people. All that and more!

Podcast – Episode 99

This week, the guys head into the cave of wonder to hang out with Genie just to talk about all of the latest news and awesome topics. Akira movie now has a date, Sonic movie is now pushed back til 2020, Galaxy’s Edge cast preview thoughts, Alan binges ‘The Grand Tour’ on Amazon and Anton joins Josh Gates on adventure. Plus box office updates, Reactions on Terminator Dark Fate and the review of Disney’s Aladdin 2019. All that and more!

Podcast – Episode 98

After a busy couple of weeks, the guys finally get it together with some amazing chats about the latest news and updates. Stan Lee’s ex manager comes back on the news, Saw Franchise gets a reboot, Rick and Morty sets a date, reactions on CW’s Batwoman, John Wick Chapter 3 Preview, Triple Frontier, and much much more!

Podcast – Episode 97 – Exploring Foreign Lands

During the short break, Anton checked out some Avengers filming locations in Atlanta and Alan checked out the beauty of Arizona. The guys finally make it back home to talk about all the latest updates and news on the latest like Game of Thrones, Disney Movie IP’s, Streaming, Pokemon, Detective Pikachu, Long Shot and much much more.

Podcast – Episode 96 – Apex April

This week, the guys continue to geek and nerd out with the insane new releases of movies and tv shows. Anton gets a glimpse of memory lane in the drift world with Formula Drift. The guys give us their reactions and review of the biggest movie of the year, Avengers: Endgame. Alan brings us up to date with the box office update. Plus Anton gets to see an early screening and gives his Review of ‘Detective Pikachu’. All that and

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Podcast – Episode 95 – Man Versus Nuts

It’s another week with the guys from The2OC. This time they gather up the latest news like details about the Millennium Falcon’s ride layout from the upcoming land, Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. They also discuss some of the hot news from Star Wars Celebration like Episode IX and The Mandalorian. Plus some thoughts and reviews on Ultraman, Demon Slayer, You Vs. Wild and much much more!

Podcast – Episode 94 – One Punch Jedi

This week the guys catch up on some good homework to prepare for the Summer Movie Draft. Plus they talk about some of the latest news about the Black Hole, Disney+ Streaming, Star Wars Jedi Fallen order, Amazon Features, One Punch Man Season 2, The Act, Pet Cemetery and last but not least, HellBoy.

Podcast – Episode 93 – SHAZAM!

This week the guys head out to a secret liar to talk about some of the latest news and review in pop culture. Such great news like Cowboy Bebop, Netflix Shows, Twilight Zone, Dumbo Review, Shazam Review, and much much more. Plus Alan talks about his Wonder Con experience and Anton talks about some upcoming teasers to the new Universal Orlando theme park Fantastic Worlds. All that and more.

Summer Movie Challenge

The Summer Movie Challenge is a game designed around summer movies that are wide released. The movies are tracked for the first 30 days they are in theaters. The amount of domestic box office money the movie makes gets added to the player’s score. The player who has the most box office money at the end of the last movies 30 day limit, wins! The amount of points each movie is worth is based on┬áthe winning bid was during the

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