Podcast – Episode 117 – Dreaming & Streaming

This week the guys have a back to back talk on the latest topics. Lots of Star Wars talk with The Mandalorian, Jedi Fallen Order Video Game, Sonic Movie Redesign, Rick and Morty, Dickenson, Disney+, Bug Juice, Parasite Movie and Jeff Goldbloom. All that and more!

Podcast – Episode 115 – The Dark Fortnite

Fresh from the LA Comic Con, Alan checks out the show floor with his girlfriend; who is experiencing for her first time. He then goes to his computer to talk about it with his Co-Host Anton about it and many other topics. Some of those hot topics include, Kevin Feige getting a promotion, Bombshell girls are on par, Venom Sequels, Matrix 4, Deadpool, Studio Ghibli on Streaming, Pokemon Sword/Shield, Call of Duty Mobile, Jack Ryan, El Camino, The Batman and

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Podcast – Episode 114 – The Future Of Gaming

It is time again to discuss some of the latest topics of this week. Those hot topics are Blizzard Loses Gamers, South Park gets banned in China, The Grudge makes a comeback, Jessie Pinkman is not in racing in a Mustang but an El Camino, Disney+ Behind the Attraction, Rick and Morty Season 4, Pixar’s Onward, PS5 and much much more!

Podcast – Episode 113 – Call Me Joker

Boom, its another week with the guys and this episode they talk about some of the latest updates and topics. Alan checks out Knotts Scary Farm and their haunted mazes and Anton reflects past experiences of The Grudge and The Ring mazes. Plus controversies behind the Joker screenings at movie theaters, Oktoberfest, Snowpiercer TV show, His Dark Materials TV Show, Saved By the Bell Reboot, Netflix & Disney, Pokemon Masters on the iOS, Mario Kart iOS, and our review of

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Podcast – Episode 112 – Sexy Costumes 2019

This week, the guys come back from a long 2 week hiatus. Not because all the sprinting to Area 51 but mostly because of weddings and an insanely busy schedule. But within those 2 weeks the guys gather some big surprises and discuss all of the latest topics. Spider-Man stays in the MCU, Mutlple TV Superman Galore, Streaming Peacocks, Rebooting Classics and Picking Out Sexy Costumes. Plus Anton talks about his binging habbits with Terrace House Tokyo, Alan continues his

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Podcast – Episode 111 – ITphone Chapter 11

This week the guys skip the gym to get together and talk about some recent work out fads like the new Nintendo Ring Fit. Plus other headlines like, JJ Abrams signs with WB, Miami Bang Bus Arena, Apple’s new iPhone 11 and products, and It: Chapter 2. All that and more!

Podcast – Episode 110 – Wedding Season Again

This week Anton experiences a little bit of Hurricane Dorian. Alan is baring with the hot humid weather of California. Besides that, the guys talk about some of the latest topics like Mochi Donuts, Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, Control(Game), Chinese Kitten clones, Overwatch, Dragonball, Tomb Raider, Canon Busters, Hyper Drive, Star Trek Discovery and much much more!

Podcast – Episode 109 – A Lot Of D

This week, the guys talk about some interesting topics. Anton goes Bioluminescence Kayaking and checks out Toy Story Land. Plus, Alan celebrates his birthday and the guys discuss some of this weeks hottest topics. Matrix 4 in the works, live action Mulan actress creates a big controversy, Spider-Man is out of the MCU?, Heman, Bbig news from D23, and much much more!

Podcast – Episode 108 – Southern Accents

This week the guys are back at it again with the latest news, tv and movie talk. Hold your breath because its a long list; Snapchat makes some changes, Haunting on Hill House sequel, Obi Wan?, Kims Convenience, Hobbs & Shaw, The Lion King, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, GI Joe Snake Eyes, Once Upon a Time In Hollywood and much much more!