Podcast – Episode 51 – Pic4Flick

This week the guys talk about the new requirements that MoviePass announced. They talk about whats streaming on Netflix, Hulu, and PrimeVideo. The guys also give their thoughts on Avengers: Infinity War (Spoiler Free). And more!

Podcast – Episode 50 – Pun Andreas

Get supercharged because this week the guys talk about the the thoughts on Fast and Furious ride that just opened at Universal Orlando. Plus all the latest PixarFest at Disneyland and DCA news. Also, the guys talk about some ridiculous Avengers cross promos and geeking out on books. All that and more!

Podcast – Episode 49 – PodCasting Couch

This week, the guys sat down on the casting couch with special guest ‘Josias Arebalo’ from the ComicSyndicate. They talk about Stan Lee’s stolen blood samples, how much Josias hate MoviePass customers, the new cast mates from Mulan, Rampage, and the future of the ComicSyndicate. All that and more on this episode!

Podcast – Episode 48 – Space Roomba

With so much debris in space, the guys bust out their Roombas to suck up all that junk. Then on the way back to earth, they talk about the movie “A Quiet Place”, Stars on Ice Tour, and finally Alan’s reaction on Pacific Rim. All that and more!

Podcast – Episode 46 – Grad Night

Disney shows up this week with Grad Nite but the guys don’t know how to respond. Alan checks out some amazing stuff at Anaheim’s WonderCon. Anton watches two of the latest flicks, Tomb Raider and Pacific Rim: Uprising. Then they go deep about Mark Hamill. All that and more!

Podcast – Episode 45 – Pooh

Flashback 90’s with some of the guys favorite movies from the worldwide acclaimed Director Steven Spielberg and how it led to ‘Ready Player One’. Plus a glimpse of old Pooh and Christopher Robin, ‘Lost In Space’ and the notorious wizard Grindelwald in ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald’. Also some amazing things from SXSW and much much more!

Podcast – Episode 43 – Annihilation Night

Lets all enter the contamination zone because this week the guys talk about the movie release of Annihilation and Game Night. Also thoughts and prayers on Stan Lee and Kevin Smith’s well being. Plus Ugly Delicious foods, Avenger News and much more!