The 2OC – Episode 123 – Onward COVID Invisible Man

Stay inside everyone, be safe. This week the guys reflect upon the viral Coronavirus also known as COVID-19 and how it effects California & Florida residents. On a lighter note, the guys talk about the latest topics like, Disney’s Avengers Campus, Amazing Aventures, Mythical Quest, Castlevania, Ugly Delcious, Star Wars Clone Wars, Movies, Invisible Man, Onward and much much more!

The2OC – Episode 122 – Believe In People

It’s all about believing this week. Alan is ashed up and ready for lent while Anton is Ashing up for Mewtwo Strikes back. Pun intended. Anyhow, the guys talk about some of the latest news about Disney CEO Bob Iger stepping down, Ninja Rages, Xbox Series X vs PS5, Lego Master, Good Doctor, Chef Show, Sonic the Movie, Locke and Key, Star Wars The High Republic and much more!

The 2OC – Episode 121 – Predatory Avians

Its Feb and the guys talk about their Valentines Plans and plus they talk about very masculine stuff like Oscars, Pokemon, Disney, Hamilton, Yang Gang, Fast & Furious 9, Expedition Unknown, Voltron, Jessica Chobot, Birds of Prey, Parasite, Bad Boys 2, and Jumanji. All that and more!

The 2OC – Epsiode 119 – 2019 Recap

This episode the guys look back at 2019, and what was the best and worst movies, tv shows, and more that 2019 had to give us. They also catch up after taking some time away from the mics to enjoy their holidays. And off course, news and much much more!

The2OC – Episode 118 – Worst Movie Of 2019

Star Wars Marathon is on, Rise of the Resistance is open and it is a ‘Ride of a Lifetime’ #BogIger. And we are back with the guys this week to discuss some of the hottest topics. Those flaming topics are: Xbox Series X, Rise of the Resistance Thoughts, Star Wars LGBTQ, Baby Yoda, Keanu Double Feature, Space Force, 6 Underground, The Irishman, Jumanji The Next Level, Frozen 2 and much much more!

The 2OC – Episode 106 – Before Comic Con

Comic was weeks ago but the guys ran out of time for editing this episode but guess what, this was an awesome episode. In this episode, Alan prepares his costume for Comic-Con and Anton starts packing for Comic-Con. Plus the guys talk about some of the weeks latest news topics like Cuphead Animated Series, Star Trek Picard, Space Jam 2, Amazon’s Lord of the Rings, Sonic Movie Update, Mortal Kombat, the future of Spdierman, and much much more!

The 2OC – Episode 105 – Spidey Legos

This week, the guys finally get a chance to get together and record an awesome episode. This weeks topics are Halo Discovery Outpost convention, Jurassic World: The Ride Comic Con San Diego Schedule, Lady Gaga & MCU, Call of Duty, Little Mermaid, Pacific Rim, Stranger Things S3, Mulan and Spider-Man Far From Home Review. All that and more!

The 2OC – Episode 104 – Fresh Off The Boat

This week, the guys kick back and talk about some of this weeks latest topics. Alan gives us an insight of Pokemon Go gadgets and Anton checks out Kingdom Hearts Orchestra. Plus Back to the Future is Back, Idris Elba & Ken Block goes fast and furious, Mouse Guard Movie, Sherlock again, Bruce Lee’s Warrior TV Show, Spiderman, and much much more!

The 2OC – Episode 103 – Plush Rush

This week, the guys rushes to the arcade to snatch up some plushes and talk about the latest topics. Anton checks out the new Hagrid ride at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal and Alan celebrates fathers day with a BBQ. Some of this weeks topics are Star Wars Celebration, Good Omens, Gabriel Iglesias, Yesterday, MIB, Toy Story 4, More Keanu and much much more!