Podcast – Episode 82 – Don’t Judge Me

Little bit of topics this week but big talk. The guys discuss some interesting points about credit card benefits, Kevin Feige continues his role, Ruby Rose as Batwoman, Bye bye Activision says Bungie, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, and Avengers hosting the oscars? All that and more on this weeks episode!

Podcast – Episode 64 – Gumshoe

On this weeks episode, the guys finally find the time to record and inform us the latest news on the latest rad topics. Mattel lays off thousands, moviepass is getting worse, Universal is opening up another park, Venom trailer reactions, firing James Gunn, Crazy Rich Asian crew says no to big pay check and much much more!

Podcast – Episode 9 – Spiderman Spectacles

This week the guys talk about the new Spiderman movie, snapchat’s high tech camera glasses, Telsa cars, film vs digital, and much more. Amazon Links (Easy way to support us. Same price, but with the satisfaction of helping your buddies at The 2 OC.) Spider-Man: Homecoming Ready Player One (Novel) Links