Podcast – Episode 5 – Wonder Woman Faceoff

This week, the guys express their views on Cuban Sandwiches, dive into the deep darkest secrets of Wonder Woman and how it ties into the rest of the DC Universe. A quick thought on the new Super Nintendo land and last thoughts of DisneyQuest before it closes. Plus news on Apple’s greatest latest techs.

Podcast: Episode 3 – Beanboozled Privilege

This week, Alan talks about his foodie adventure at the OC Night Market. Anton talks about his trip back home to the west coast as he explored Fosselman’s Ice Cream and goes into the dark past and new rebirth of the Jelly Belly empire. Anton also lets Alan know about Fringe Orlando performing arts festival. The guys also talk about upcoming shows and movies. And much more! Amazon Links District 9 (Blu-Ray – AMAZING DEAL!) Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those

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Podcast: Episode 2 – PlasmaBlasters

This episode, Anton talks about the exotic food that can be found at Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s “Pandora: The World of Avatar.” Alan talks about his failed attempt to preview Guardian’s of the Galaxy: MISSION BREAKOUT! In movies, the guys talk about the results from last weekend’s box office numbers and talk about what they are excited about coming out soon; such as, “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” and “Alien: Covenant.” The guys also touch on what

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Disney Animal Kingdom’s Pandora Sneak Peek Event

The opening day for James Cameron’s Avatar Land is almost here. It has been 8 years, since the premiere of the first movie and we are finally getting a new Avatar experience at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando, FL. And guess what? We got a chance to check out all the amazing things inside this land! Once we entered this land, we were greeted by a large alien like tree. Amazingly, you can interact with it by playing on its

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