Podcast – Episode 63 – SDCC Wonders And Wishes

Comic Con, Comic Con, and more Comic Con. This week the guys discuss some of the latest rad things from… you guessed it, Comic Con. Catch your breath because the guys talk about Godzilla Trailer, Fantastic Beasts, Aquaman, Shazam, Titans, Clone Wars Saved, Invader Zim, Young Justice, Rugrats, Crazy Rich Asians, Skyscraper and MORE! All that on this epic episode.

Podcast – Episode 60 – Disenchanted

This episode, the guys goes off to the medieval fairyland to let the peasants know about Disney’s Pixarfest, Movie Pass, Star Wars, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, and Matt Groening’s new Disenchanted. All that and more!

Podcast – Episode 58 – The Library

This week, the guys visit “The Library” to check out some latest cool things. Some of those cool things includes David Blaine, The Camp Pendleton Mud Run, Disney Pirates Ride, E3 and this weeks hottest trailers. All that and more!

Podcast – Episode 57 – Wonka Wonka Wonka

This week, the guys drink from the chocolate river at Willy Wonka. Also the guys have discussions on Future of Jared Leto’s joker, Amazon Treasure Truck, Boba Drinks, Bumble Bee Trailer, and Toys That Made Us from Netflix. All that and more on this episode!

Podcast – Episode 56 – Beautiful Man VR

This week the guys get into their morning routine with some American Crew products and talk about all of the latest rad things. Oculus Go gives us a glimpse of the future, Future of Disney parks, HBO shows, Fortnite vs PUBG, and iOS games. All that and more!

Podcast – Episode 55 – Han Shot First

This week the guys talk about their experience jumping into The Void and helping the rebels get intel on the Empire, did they succeed in their mission? They also discuss the announcement made in Orlando at Star Wars Galactic Nights. And, of course, a spoiler-free and spoiler-filled review of Solo: A Star Wars Story. All that and more!

Podcast – Episode 54 – This Is ‘Merica

This week the guys talk about their weekend adventures which included KROQ Weenie Roast, Broadway performance of School of Rock, and Dead Pool 2. They also talk about the latest news for what new TV shows and movies will be coming soon. As well as discuss Andy Weir’s book “Artemis”, and much more!